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Empower change with the Being Band™.

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We’re investing in a world where every human being is valued.

Investment total to date: $3,050.00

Where would you like your impact to be felt?

We donate 100% of our profits to organizations that support human rights, civil rights, equality, and justice.

When you buy an item on our site, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us where you’d like to make an impact. Then, informed by the input we receive, we’ll make annual donations based on what’s important to you. In the first quarter of each year, we’ll publish an Impact Report, so you can see the difference we’re making together in the areas of Women’s Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, Disability Rights, Racism and Discrimination, and more.

We’re all the same. Different.

From our customers


Bold + beautiful

So many styles to choose from, all with the same perfect message. I first purchased the bangle with the message top of mind. The piece arrived with a style and quality as spot on as the words that sit on it. A++ to an organization with both power in its message and class in its design.

Emily P.
Bangle Bracelet

I’ve always wanted my own band.

Now I have one. Great idea. Great causes. Great product. It fits perfectly, it’s easily adjustable and the black band beautifully accentuates my pasty skin. You should get one. Maybe two.

Lane S.
Black Mesh Being Band

Great products from a company that gives back!

I love the idea behind this company! Their products are great and it makes me feel good that my purchases support causes that are important to me. The bracelet is well made and secure and the t-shirts are very good quality heavy duty cotton and generous in sizing. The saying on these items is so creative and meaningful to everyone from their own perspective. I highly recommend supporting this company that gives back!

Kristen H.
Rainbow Tie-Dye Shirt

Cozy & cool!

Love the gray T- shirt! Super comfy material plus it's such a great message. Glad to add this awesome shirt to my regular rotation.

Edward W.
Grey T-shirt

Just a hat. Being a hat.

The Embroidered White Baseball Cap is well made. The stitching is well done. And it fits well. Plus, I love the message, and I love that the message is backed up with positive action. I got a great hat while supporting a great cause. Win. Win.

Luanne M.
White Dad’s Cap

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i'm just a human. being. hat


It's not just a project. It's a purpose.

It will help others.

When we created the I’m Just a Human. Being.™ project, we did it with a purpose: to recognize the intrinsic value of every human being, and to help remove the obstacles that prevent people from living up to their fullest potential, and from safely and successfully being themselves.

It will help you.

It will help you be more centered. Authentic. True to yourself. The real you.

It will help you be more forgiving, both of yourself and of others.

→ It will serve as a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of the world, and of the people, values, and principles that really matter in your life.