A message from the Founder

I started this project for two basic reasons: 1) Because I believe in equality, justice, human rights, and the intrinsic value of every human being, and 2) Because in my family, we were taught to treat every human being with respect. To help them if they need it. And, in the words of my father, to “do the most that you can, the best that you can, for as long as you can.”

This is my effort to do just that.

stephen fechtor and father

As a retired advertising guy who’s always strived to make a difference and not just a sale, I asked myself a simple question: Is it possible to sell “humanity” as a product?

A product that’s not only desirable, but necessary? Is there an audience for that? I decided to find out.

stephen fechtor

The way I figure it, just like products are developed, human beings are developed.

And, the development of each one of us depends upon the test labs we grew up in, and the little developmental tweaks along the way: Our family backgrounds, our income, where we grew up, where we went to school; what color we are, what gender, what religion, what sexual orientation; whether we were loved or ignored as children; taught right from wrong, or abused; whether we had family members with drug problems, or parents who were incarcerated or suffered from mental illness. Whether we were nurtured and loved, or fearful and angry. All of that. And more.

human beings

If you believe, as I do, that every human being has intrinsic value and should be treated with dignity, I hope you’ll wear your humanity proudly – and in doing so, help support the human and civil rights of all.